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2012 Alumni Guest 
Here are the guests of 2012 and their website & radio show links.
If you visit your guest or contact them let them know how you heard of them or found them!

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If you give your contact info we can notify you on thier future show date.

You could be invited to join the show to give feed back on your reading with them on the AIR & 1 free question.
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Celebrity Sex Psychic 
Belinda Bentley
Rev. Psychic CoMedium
Claire Braddock
Author, Theta Healer &Teacher
​Jennifer Farley
Psychic & Radio show host
Allie Cheslick
Spiritual Artist & psychic
Abby Rose Newman
The Celtic Psychic 
Cassandra Larsen
Astrologer/Intuitive Psychic & Astrologer Devika Kumar

Rev. Psychic 
Gaylene Cornell
Psychic Medium
Ask Keli
Brandon Dreyaz
Astrologer, Author & radio host
Hale Mednik
Psychic & Author
Ally Mead
Rev. Psychic, Medium &  Magazine Editor & Publisher 
Belle Salisbury
Psychic & Numerologist
Cassandra MacCleane
Psychic Medium Picture reader
Kristen Leona
Haunted House & hotel owner
Farhan Ghani
Leo Brown
Author, Intuitive,Psychic houswives
Lorraine Roe
Liz Souza
Psychic & Theta Healer
T. Flowers-Crockett
Psychic Medium
Shannon Leischner
Psychic, Tarot reader & White witch
Patti Negri
Psychic Medium
Suzanne Grace

Psychic Medium
Syd Saeed
Rev. Psychic, Theta Healer & Instructor
Tiffany M. Bil
Reiki Healer & Author
Amy Barilla
Pet Psychic
Melissa Bacelar