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"As usual Celebrity Psychic Belinda Bentley is Awesome"
You should really consider asking Belinda to be a permanete co host to the show you both have great banter back and fourth & I am always cracking up listening.                                                                                         Theresa Pashoian, CA
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"Please have Shannon Leischner back on soon."
I Love her reading style she is very accurate and good! Please ask her to come back on again soon!!!!!
                                                      Beck Brown, PA
"The best Pet Psychic around"
Please ask Melissa Bacelar back to your show. She is the greatest pet psychic out there.
                                                        Karen Peterson, AZ
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"No Ordinary Psychic Radio brings the best psychics to learn about and try before you pick your favorite for you."
Reviews for No Ordinary Psychic Radio
Where are you guys? How come I havent been able to find the show lately?
                                                        Rachel Garcia, Modesto, CA
Thank you Gaylene, for helping me understand some things I didnt before.  your information you provided during your intervciew was helpful.
                                                             Yolanda Roberts. MI  
Claire is so fun to have on the show. When she is on its not only informative but you want to listen. She makes me laugh. Looking forward to the next show.            
                                                          E. Martin, OR
"Please Bring Syd Saeed back"
When will you bring Syd Saeed back? He has such a compassion about him that is nice to hear in psychic.
                                                           Tammy Davis, GA
"Love multiple guest shows"
I really enjoy when you have Psychic Chat nights hearing multiple psychics communicate in regards to the spiritual comings and goings. You should do more of these types of shows.
                                                           Mariah Jones, TX
"More shows & Longer"
45 minutes isnt enough time & 1 day of the week isnt enough. Go back to 2 days of the weeks shows and 2 hour shows. 
                                                           Niki Clark, CA
Forgiving & Forgiveness show 
Thank you No Ordinary Psychic Radio and special guest Jennifer Farley. 
 I needed to hear this tonight . I had to cut cords and end a soul contract and needed forgive myself for getting into that situation when spirit warned me and I was too clouded to listen.                                              
                                                   Thank you Ruth T , OR
New Co Host 
Been enjoying the new co host! Loved the Mermaid show

                                                   Thank you Karen M  OH